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I feel like ramming my head into a wall until it's smashed open and bleeding everywhere.

I can't take this shit anymore. Yesterday I got an owl from my mum asking me to come home this weekend. Did I go? No. I'll just say I didn't receive it.

I'm being asked to help a side that doesn't trust me for shit, and I don't trust them at all either. But Pansy has a plan and she's usual good with those.

Speaking of Pansy...fucking hell I must be mad. Why did I even tell her how I felt? I'm just glad she didn't laugh in my face or anything.

Blaise wants me to find out if Flint is a Death Eater. Oh joy. Flint is not someone to fuck with....and he has gotten much bigger since he graduated from Hogwarts. I'm dead if I make the wrong move.

Schoolwork...that plan seems like it's starting to cave in as well....fuck all...

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