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Lucius sent me an owl.

Dear Mr. Pucey,

Your presence in Rome yesterday was missed. I shall remain here throughout the weekend if you still wish to meet me. I suggest you make arrangements.

My time is more valuable than you know.

Lucius Malfoy

Not sure what I should do now. I almost sent back a rather insulting letter.

Would you like to do something tonight? Or maybe next weekend?

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If you do send back an insulting letter, then who knows what he'll do? Be careful, Ade- I can't lose you now . Maybe there's someone else we could send in your stead.

I would love to do something, anything- um, but I have to beat the shit out of Potter first if it's tonight.

I'm just going to ignore it or anymore owls he sends.

What has Potter done now?
The same thing Potter always does- pissed me off. I agreed to go and fight talk later tonight. I think he wants to explain himself.

I'm going to end up killing him someday.

He really fucking pisses me off.
Why do you want to know, Pucey? Going to step up to Harry when you'dn't face me?


Why don't you fuck off?
Because 's far more fun to taunt you.

That's it you fucking bastard. Meet me on the pitch tonight.
Name the time.

8 PM. Be there or I'm coming after you.